My Article Published by the RI Small Business Journal – How to Avoid Problems when Growing Rapidly

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How to Avoid Problems When Growing Rapidly

Please take a look at an article I wrote that was just published in the November edition of the Rhode Island Small Business Journal print and online versions (  In it, I describe some of the common pitfalls that small companies get trapped into when they begin to grow rapidly.

See the full article on page 11 of the November issue at

Some of the key pitfalls are:

  • Manual processes are overwhelmed by sudden increases in sales volumes
  • Using software that only supports a low volume of transactions or a single location
  • Failure to delegate responsibility and supervision
  • Failure to have a good flow of information to maintain the quality of products or services
  • Failure to streamline processes

The bottom line is that companies need to scale processes and technology to support growth.  You can see my page on this at   So take some time to plan to handle the growth that you are working so hard to achieve.

Bryan B Mason

Apollo Consulting Group