My Article Published by the RI Small Business Journal – How to Fund Your Business

Rhode Island Small Business Journal


Please take a look at an article I wrote that was just published in the December edition of the Rhode Island Small Business Journal print and online versions (  In it, I describe potential funding sources when you are (1) funding a new business, (2) funding for expansion and (3) funding to meet current expenses.


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Bryan B Mason

Apollo Consulting Group

Busting 5 Myths About Small-Business Lending

This article gives some practical information about small business lending.  It mentions that for most small business, the business owner’s personal credit score is often most important.  But there are other factors including cash flow, a marketing plan or a business plan.

I would like to add to the article by pointing out that most business owners need to guarantee a small business loan so you are on the hook either way.  So go for the cheapest lending source (which might be a personal loan) unless you want your company to establish credit itself.  Even with a company credit history of ten years or so, you are still most likely going to be required to guarantee the loan personally so that is a very long term goal in the life of a small business.

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