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If you need more customers, or more importantly, more of the right kind of customers, you need an effective marketing strategy (and a marketing plan).  Apollo’s marketing consultants can help. A marketing strategy is the framework by which a company increases sales and achieves a sustainable competitive advantage.  It is based on a company’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) which requires a review of customer needs, competitors, opportunities, consideration of all of the internal and external environmental factors, identification of constraints (resource and other) and the evaluation of other factors including technological, economic, legal or political.  Apollo’s marketing consultants can assist you in creating or improving your company’s Unique Selling Proposition.

Strategies can be based on the degree of market dominance including leader, challenger, follower or nicher or on other approaches based on the type of integration, degree of diversification, etc. Apollo’s marketing consultants can help you determine what kind of strategy will be most effective for your company.

Completing the development of a marketing strategy is a critical prerequisite to the development of the marketing plan (see: Develop a Marketing Plan) that will be used to carry out the strategy.

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Apollo can also help you develop a Marketing Plan, Business Strategy , Business Plan or a Strategic Plan.

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