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Get the information you need to manage and control your business by developing and executing a technology plan.


Apollo has extensive experience providing information technology expertise and can provide services in the following information technology areas:

  • Develop and execute a technology strategy
  • Conceive, describe and manage technology projects
  • Harness information technology
  • Integrate differing technology systems and platforms

Develop and Execute a Technology Strategy

How well does your technology meet your needs?

A technology strategy is a document that describes the basic approach to using technology to support a company in meeting its business objectives.  It includes a description of the basic processes, workflows and functions at the company that need to be supported by technology.  It also includes a description of the basic systems that need to be in place to provide this functionality.  It will also include the information flow between these basic systems that is required.  It may also describe the architectural components and infrastructure needed to support the required systems.

The development of a technology strategy is most often a good place to start before commencing any major technology projects.  The strategy will outline all of the work required so that it can be viewed at one time.  This way the business can set priorities and avoid implementing systems that in the long run will not fit in.  After a technology strategy is developed and accepted, technology implementation projects can then be planned and executed.

Conceive, Describe and Manage Technology Projects

Having difficulty describing you technology needs?

Once the basic need for a technology project has been identified, Apollo can plan and manage the implementation of the project.  Apollo can develop the project plans, project schedules, and business requirements needed as part of the process.  Apollo can also find the most cost effective solution to the need whether that be the acquisition of packaged software or the development of custom developed software.  As Apollo does not represent any software makers or software development companies, the recommendation is completely objective.

Harness Information Technology

Having excellent information technology systems is a great enabler.  Excellent systems allow a company to:

  • Have the right information at the right time to maintain operational control
  • Have the right information to support informed management decision making
  • Speed the development of new products or services
  • Reduce costs
  • Support a growth strategy
  • Expand market share
  • Support a change to the business strategy
  • Speed the launching of new products or services
  • Have consistently excellent customer service
  • Maintain product quality
  • Accurately track costs

However, getting the right balance between spending money on technology and getting a good return on that investment is critical.  This is especially true with smaller companies which do not have the resources or the scale to support large technology expenditures.

Harnessing information technology is all about finding the right balance — having the right systems, with the right degree of integration, at the right cost.

Apollo can perform a technology assessment and then recommend a course of action.

Integrate Differing Technology Systems and Platforms

Get Better Information and Lower your Costs

In many companies, the information needed to control operations and make decisions comes from multiple information systems.  In addition, it is often the case that the lack of integration between systems creates operational inefficiencies and drives up costs.

Typically this is the result of having many special purpose systems or systems that are not integrated and do not work together.  The result is the lack of information to control operations, the lack of information for decision making and higher costs than needed because of work processes that require manual transfer of information.

Apollo can perform a technology assessment and can then craft and execute solutions to remedy this situation.

These may include helping your company to:

  • Develop and execute a technology strategy
  • Conceive, describe and manage technology projects
  • Overcome integration challenges from an acquisition or merger

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