Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Get more customers by developing and executing a marketing strategy or marketing plan.


Apollo can assist your company with both the development of your marketing strategy and a marketing plan to carry out the strategy.  Further, Apollo can then help you execute the marketing plan both online and offline.


Marketing Strategy Development

If you need more customers, or more importantly, more of the right kind of customers, you need an effective marketing strategy.  Apollo’s marketing consultants can help.  A marketing strategy is the framework by which a company increases sales and achieves a sustainable competitive advantage.  It is based on a company’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) which describes the unique benefit or benefits the customer gets from the company’s product or services.  It defines why a customer would want to buy from you.  These benefits must be meaningful to the customer.  The marketing strategy also defines the groups of potential customers that would benefit from the product or service benefits.

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Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Development and Execution

A marketing plan is a specific document that translates the marketing strategy into the actions to be taken to market a single or set of products or services.  Apollo’s marketing consultants can work with your company to develop a new marketing plan, or improve the marketing plan you already have.

Apollo has developed our own five step process to develop an effective marketing plan.

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