Scale Processes and Technology to Support Growth

Will your existing processes work well as you grow?

Many companies, especially smaller companies, that are beginning to grow rapidly or are planning to grow rapidly do not have the processes, procedures and technology to support rapid growth.  Many find the transition from a few owners directly managing all activities to a larger enterprise where responsibility and supervision is delegated to be difficult.  In situations where a company is opening additional locations, the geographic separation of these locations creates new challenges.

Typically in smaller companies, many processes are manual or are processed on software that only supports a low volume of transactions or only a single location.  As the number of staff involved in the production of goods or delivery of services increases, it becomes critical to have a good flow of information to maintain the quality of the products and services.  Manual process can be overwhelmed by rapid growth causing orders to be processed incorrectly or services to be inconsistently delivered.  As companies grow, it is very important that overhead does not grow in proportion to the increase in sales volume if companies want to achieve high levels of profitability.

These challenges can be met with the intelligent application of technology and the right processes and procedures.  Apollo can identify, plan and help you execute everything you will need to do in order to scale processes and technology to support growth.

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