Business turnarounds - Consulting, strategy and planning

The Apollo Consulting Group LLC is a business consulting organization dedicated to improving profitability and cash flow for small and mid-sized companies. Apollo provides a range of services from assisting with a single challenge or opportunity to orchestrating a complete business turnaround.

Services include assisting companies to (click on any of the bulleted services for more information):

Business Performance

Apollo 3 Step Profit Improvement Program
• Increase Profits
3 Most effective Actions to Increase Profitability
Identify the customer behaviors that drive profitability
Develop a Financial Model

Increasing Sales

Find more customers
Enter new markets
Expand market share
Speed the development of new products or services
Business Development


Optimize product or service pricing
Estimate price elasticity
Identify the customer behaviors that drive profitability
Develop pricing models
Develop strategic pricing strategies to ensure long term competitive success
Accurately identify all costs to ensure full cost recovery

Business Turnaround

• Achieve a Business Turnaround


Gain operational efficiencies
Optimize workflows
Find operational savings
Lower technology costs
Overcome integration challenges from an acquisition or merger
Make the best use of obsolete materials or finished goods inventory
Improve customer service
Improve Productivity


Develop a complete business plan
Develop a marketing plan
Develop a strategic plan


Develop an effective business strategy
Focus an existing business strategy
Perform a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) analysis
Develop a marketing strategy
Develop a sales strategy
Develop a growth strategy
Develop and execute a technology strategy

Processes, Procedures and Controls

Develop Processes, Procedures and Controls
Standardize and optimize processes and procedures
Devise or improve processes and controls
Improve production scheduling
Improve staff scheduling
Develop accurate estimating procedures

Operations and Information Technology

Harness Information Technology
Scale Processes and technology to support growth
Support a growth strategy
Conceive, describe and manage technology projects
Integrate differing technology systems and platforms
Fragmented Information for Decision Making
Complete operational projects that have been delayed
Plan and execute projects to carry out a change to the business strategy
Find and implement the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution
Find and implement the best Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution


Improve service quality
Improve product quality

Organizational Effectiveness

Develop a plan for organizational growth
Change Management
Gain organizational focus
Improve organizational performance
Streamline the organizational structure
Improve management effectiveness