Coming Back Stronger From Covid-19

Coming Back Stronger From Covid-19

My work this year has shown me how the pandemic has affected companies very differently.  As you all know, industries depending on in person sales (restaurants, stores, etc.) have faced massive challenges to stay in business.  Other industries were much less affected.  It also showed that businesses that were very well run and were prosperous before the pandemic hit, have been better able to navigate this calamity.  Many have taken this opportunity to prepare to come out even stronger by improving their systems and processes, sharpening their marketing strategies, performing strategic reviews to improve their focus and spending money for the future.  In some senses, these were the lucky companies but in many cases they created their own luck.  I have been fortunate to have some of these clients.  For that, I am very grateful.

In my next several posts, I will be discussing some of the fundamentals of a successful business to stimulate your thinking on what you can put your energies into if you can keep your head above water.

Bryan B Mason

Apollo Consulting Group, Providence, RI

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