Getting More Customers – Using Blogs

Getting More Customers – Using Blogs

I am going to start with the Using Blogs sales channel because you are reading my blog and this fact provides a great context.  There are two main ways to use a blog to get more customers.

The first is to use it as I do.  I share with my clients and anyone else interested tips on how to improve their business results.  I focus on small business because that is the area where I work now and besides there are lots of big business blogs and consultants out there.  I hope that these tips are useful for my readers and also hope they will turn to me to become a client if they need some help.  Let’s face it, it improves my credibility that I have done lots of things to help my clients and I can distill down some lessons learned.  If you are a consultant you need credibility.

The second way to use blogs, are to get your products or services discussed (favorably) in blogs that your potential customers might be reading.  To use it this way, you first need to identify some blogs you think your potential customers are reading.  In addition to your own judgment about what blogs might work for you, I suggest that you ask your customers what they are reading on-line.  Then put yourself in the mindset of your potential customers and spend some time on each blog you want to target.  You might then comment and attempt to engage in a conversation on these target blogs.  You can also try to directly sponsor some content, have badges that can be embedded, pay for advertisements (if available) on a blog site or even offer money to the blogger to mention your product.  Most personal bloggers don’t make money from their writing and if you approach to blogger correctly, providing a description of your product or service and point out how/why it would be useful to that blogger’s readers, you might just get somewhere.  Finally, you could try to get a partnership with some larger sites that might be relevant.

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