Getting More Customers – Using Content Marketing

Getting More Customers – Using Content Marketing

Content Marketing is all about using the content on your site to get more customers.  The idea is to have content on your site that people feel is useful and share it with others so much so that the content is spreading on its own.  If you are blogging or have white papers or useful tools you want to get hundreds of comments which lead to free publicity and results in lots of shares.  This is massive engagement and this leads to massive growth.

The secret of having shareable content is to write about or provide information about some problem your potential customers did not know about or could not put their finger on.  To get started with blogging for instance, you need to come up with topics of interest and blog about them.  Then you can try to find some online forums where your topics are being discussed and do your best to contribute.  You can potentially take this to the next level by doing some guest posting in these forums.

As time goes on, you should monitor social mentions of your posts and use analytics to identify which types of posts are getting the most attention.  This way, you can provide more content that your audience will respond to.

The big benefit of using this channel is that it positions you as a leader in your space. When you are a leader, you get a voice in your industry and opportunities for even more influence and engagement through conferences, press releases, being quoted by journalists, etc.  It also complements other things you are doing in other sales channels such as Search Engine Optimization.

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