How to Get More Customers Using Community Building

How to Get More Customers Using Community Building

With community building, you make use of your user community by encouraging them to make connections which leads to relationships which is all designed to bring more customers into the fold.  What you are aiming at is to spark evangelism by encouraging your most passionate customers to recommend your product to others.

So how do you build a community?  You need to pursue tactics that get your customers vested in your company and its products.  This can be accomplished by holding events, having formal user groups, having an online forum, etc.  Customers who love your products will love to interact with others that also love your products.  It provides validation and demonstrates that they made the right choice.  Besides directly getting more customers or more sales to existing customers, community building has another HUGE benefit.  It allows you to find out how you can serve your customers even better and even what products they might want next.  As a small business marketing consultant, I can tell you that this is extremely valuable.  Key to success here is to participate in the process so customers hear from you about what is going on.  Holding events can build lasting relationships with your company.  So consider using community building as part of your marketing strategy and your marketing plan.

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