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Marketing Analytics

Need Your Marketing Efforts To Work Better and Cost Less?

The Apollo Consulting Group believes that using data to drive marketing is not just for large companies anymore. Companies of all sizes are increasingly collecting and analyzing data to optimize how they interact with their customers to increase top-line revenue and better manage their marketing costs.

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Apollo applies decades of experience to help achieve these marketing effectiveness goals in a number of ways:


Data Identification


Apollo consultants will review the data that is currently available and recommend a methodology for structuring the data to facilitate downstream data manipulation and analysis. Depending on the nature of the business problem as well as data currently available, Apollo can develop customer surveys that can be used to profile current customers and identify opportunities to attract new ones.


Data Collection/Manipulation


Apollo can take any data that a customer has, even something as simple as a customer list, and organize it in a manner that allows for analysis. We can then merge that information with any other data the customer has, such as customer sales data, data from a website, other advertising data, etc. This can in turn, be merged with publically available external data, to create a complete view of your company’s customers.




Apollo can create custom reports that provide everything from summary data to campaign-specific results for each customer interaction. Most importantly, the reports we create will be designed to help solve the specific challenges each client faces by ensuring the reports are delivered in timely manner and address specific marketing issues.


Advanced Data Analysis


Apollo’s analytics consultants can use the data to answer any number of questions that customers have about their business and their customers such as:

  • Are my customers a homogeneous group or can they be segmented into different groups for targeting?
  • How do different sets of customers respond to my marketing efforts and varying messaging strategies?
  • What impact does one marketing channel have on sales vs. another (e.g. digital advertising vs. in-store promotion)?
  • What is the impact of increasing product prices on my business?

Because of the deep experience of its consultants, Apollo can not only support its small and mid-sized clients, but also advertising agencies which do not have access to in-house analytics resources. We can work with the agency of record (AOR) to supply analytics expertise that spans all marketing/advertising channels using the processes described above. See Marketing Analytics Services for Advertising Agencies.

Call us today at (401) 862-6339 or use the reply box to find out how Apollo’s marketing consultants can assist you in improving the effectiveness of your marketing and lower its cost.

Apollo can also help you develop a Marketing Strategy, a Marketing Plan or Optimize the Features of a New Product or Service (Conjoint Analysis).

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