Apollo Consulting Group Announces New Marketing Analytics Service

Apollo Consulting Group Announces New Marketing Analytics Service

With the addition of Ed Holmquist as the Vice President of Marketing Analytics, Apollo is adding a new Marketing Analytics service offering.  Marketing analytics is the art of using data to improve marketing effectiveness while reducing its cost.

The Apollo Consulting Group believes that using data to drive marketing is not just for large companies anymore.  Companies of all sizes are increasingly collecting and analyzing data to optimize how they interact with their customers to increase top-line revenue and better manage their marketing costs.  We are now bringing these powerful techniques to Apollo’s small and mid-sized clients.

Ed has a successful track record in developing and managing advanced analytics projects using statistical methods in advertising research, digital analytics, media mix modeling and marketing campaign analytics as well over 30 years’ experience in data mining, marketing analytics and economic analysis and modeling across multiple industries and data/modeling platforms.

For more information click on https://apollogr.com/marketing-analytics/.

Bryan B Mason

Apollo Consulting Group, Newport, RI

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