Closing More Business – Understanding the Buyer’s Journey – Evangelizing

Closing More Business – Understanding the Buyer’s Journey – Evangelizing

So you have read the other posts in this series – Awareness, Consideration/Justification, and Decision/Purchase (if you missed any, you can just scroll back down this page and back to prior pages of older posts).  You have thought about the length of the Buyer’s Journey for your business and adapted my advice.  Now you are up to the last phase – Evangelizing.  This is very important.  If you have done everything right up to now and been lucky enough to get the sale, pat yourself on the back.  The customer leaves happy that they have found just what they were looking for.  But don’t forget this step.  This is where you get your customer to tell all his/her friends and colleagues using social media.  You want a positive review on Google and Yelp and posts to their friends using Facebook, Instagram, etc.  Your aim is to get each satisfied customer to help you get more customers by evangelizing about your product or service.  .

For business customers, you want to seek out testimonials, ask for ratings on Google, ask them if they will speak at conferences, etc.  You want to turn each customer into a valuable marketing resource.

As a marketing consultant, I would also recommend a survey where you can ask your customer what went well and what can be improved on.  And don’t just ask all the stupid questions that you usually get in surveys.  Give them a chance to tell you how it really is.  A fill in the blank question where you ask them if there is anything else you want to tell us is critical.  You can use Survey Monkey and then give out a card with a link.  Offer an enticement such as a coupon.  If you are reading this, you are probably a small business.  You won’t get that many responses.  Take time to read them.  It will be invaluable.

Bryan B Mason

Apollo Consulting Group, Providence, RI

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