Why You Need a Technology Plan

Why You Need a Technology Plan

Why You Need a Technology Plan

Before you purchase software that is going to provide an important function for your business such as for customer relationship management (CRM), work flow management, customer service or the like, you should develop a technology plan.  While the software you contract for may be very low cost, the costs (your time and money) of converting to that software are not low.  Also if you make a mistake and have to convert to another package that fits in better with your overall needs, you will be wasting time better spent on other business initiatives.

A technology plan outlines your needs and how to meet them, typically with a few different packages that are tied together.  A technology plan identifies the target end state and lays out the steps to get there.  Having one minimizes the transition costs as work proceeds in a logical and deliberate process.  This way the business can set priorities and avoid implementing systems that in the long run will not fit in.  For more information click on this link https://apollogr.com/it-consulting/.

Bryan B Mason

Apollo Consulting Group, Newport, RI

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