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Work Performed – Marketing Strategy, Marketing Plan, Business Plan, Build Sales Force, Development of Operations and Selling Guides, Competitive Research, Scientific Research

My company had a great product but totally lacked a marketing and business plan. Our sales were not consistent. Bryan brought innovation and a new approach. Fresh ideas and energy. Exposed my company to what is possible based on a sound marketing strategy. Very comfortable approach to change, Bryan was clear about the process going forward. He sets goals and sticks to the timeline. Results oriented.

Michael C.

Services Company

Worked Performed – Strategic Plan, Marketing Plan, Technology Plan

Can’t believe I found this guy. You know when you think you are really smart and then comes someone who is a genius. What skill sets this man has. Bryan has pulled my team together and works hard to focus us on our short sprints. I had so much crap rolling around in my head and he extracts it in small portions, organizes it and spoon feeds it back to me. And we are just getting started. I don’t want to share him but I have to admit, if you hire him for your company and make the commitment, I believe it will be life changing.

Alan M.

Entertainment Company

Work Performed – Profit Acceleration Technique, Sales Training, Operations Manual

Excellent, Outstanding, Amazing, three words that don’t even begin to describe the performance and professionalism of Bryan Mason (Apollo Consulting Group). From start to finish Bryan was personally in contact with me throughout the entire process. His candor and communication was as professional as the product he provided. The countless hours Bryan dedicated to “what if scenarios” and “deep data dives” has put my company on a clear path for success! Thanks again Bryan for what you have done and continue to do for me and my company.


Rich F.

Construction Company

Work Performed – Marketing Plan, Job Descriptions
Apollo consulting group was able to help us to prioritize our sales channels as well as create professional job descriptions and posts in order to secure an ideal full time employee. We highly value this service and have already recommended this company to other small business owners.

Justin O.

Services Company

Work Performed – Work Flow Optimization, Profit Acceleration Technique, Marketing Strategy, Technology Plan
Bryan is conscientious and attentive. He took care to hear out the unique aspects of my business in order to deliver clear and usable advice.

Greg A.


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