The Apollo Consulting Group LLC is a business consulting organization that works with small and medium sized companies to improve profitability and cash flow.

Challenges and Opportunities

Whether your challenges are improving profitability, driving down costs, delivering products and services in a timely manner, gaining operational efficiencies, improving customer service, or supporting a growth strategy, Apollo can help.

Who We Serve

As we work exclusively with small and mid-sized companies, we fully understand that we need to rapidly and efficiently zero in on your particular combination of issues and draft practical solutions that can realistically be implemented with the financial resources and staff available to you.


Our value proposition is simple. Provide highly experienced resources (20+ years) for a very reasonable fee, and deliver client benefits that are a large multiple of engagement costs.

Fee Cap Guarantee

We cap the fees we charge you for any contracted work.  This means that we deliver what we promise even if it takes more hours than we anticipated and only charge you up to the cap.

The Apollo Profit Acceleration Technique™

The Apollo Profit Acceleration Technique™ is our uniquely effective profit improvement process.  It is simply the fasted way to increase profits.   Click here Apollo Profit Acceleration Technique™ for more details.

Getting Started with Apollo

To get started, we perform a free, no obligation independent assessment of your current situation and outline a proposed course of action.

Contact us using the reply box above or call us at (401) 862-6339 to arrange for your free assessment.

Together, we can find solutions to your challenges and maximize your opportunities.

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