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Management Consulting for Small and Mid-sized Companies

Realize your critical initiatives by planning and executing your business and technology projects.

Apollo can provide project managers to carry out any business or technology project. Business projects might concern product development, operations initiatives and strategy execution among others. Apollo has extensive experience managing technology projects on behalf of clients. Projects can be managed from inception to completion or can be taken over midstream if needed.
  • Provide an Agile Scrum Coach or Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®)
  • Provide a certified Project Manager Professional (PMP)®
  • Complete Operational Projects that have been delayed
Provide an Agile Scrum Coach or Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®)

While Agile is used around the world to manage both business and technology projects, it is most often talked about in relation to software development where it is revolutionizing software project management. It is based on the Agile Manifesto and includes valuing individuals and interactions over processes and tools, working software over comprehensive documentation, customer collaboration over contract negotiation and responding to change over following a plan, among others. It also relies on Scrum processes that develop software (or other deliverables in a business project) iteratively in short sprints and attempts to improve processes and effectiveness with each iteration.

The Promise of Agile Scrum

In the context of software development, the proper use of Agile Scrum has four major benefits over the Waterfall software development methodology:

  1. The shortest time to market
  2. The closest alignment of actual software functionality to the desired functionality
  3. The highest quality software
  4. The lowest cost and therefore the highest rate of return on investment

Readiness Assessment

We evaluate your organizational and cultural readiness to become an Agile organization and when appropriate, can plan your Agile Transformation.

Agile Coaching – Supply a Certified ScrumMaster®

Apollo has experience with the Agile Scrum project management approach and can provide an Agile Coach to lead or assist with a transformation from Agile to Waterfall and/or a Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®) to manage one or more projects.

Provide a certified Project Manager Professional (PMP)®

Apollo has extensive experience managing technology and other projects using traditional waterfall methodologies. In a waterfall project, steps are completed in an organized sequence, completing each step before proceeding to the next. In the context of a waterfall project, the sequence might include developing a project charter, followed by a project plan, a project schedule, the development of requirements, then design, then programming, then testing, go live and project close out.

Apollo can provide a certified Project Manager Professional (PMP)® to manage a project from inception to completion or can take over a project already underway.

Complete Operational Projects that have been Delayed

It is often very difficult for companies, especially smaller companies, to successfully plan and execute large and often critical projects. These delays can impact the introduction of new products or services or delay the benefits of cost savings initiatives or operational improvement projects.

Project delays can be caused by ineffective project planning and management, a lack of organizational focus, as well as many technical or other project specific issues.

Apollo can identify the unique combination of issues that are causing your company’s projects to be behind schedule and then craft and execute solutions to eliminate further delays and get these projects back on schedule

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