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A strategic plan translates the business strategy into an actionable plan that can be executed to achieve the results you are seeking. Importantly, it defines and is the result of the strategic planning process. The major assumption in a business plan is that current knowledge about future conditions is sufficiently reliable to enable the development of these plans.  The major assumption in strategic planning, however, is that an organization must be responsive to a dynamic, changing environment.  Therefore, the emphasis in strategic planning is on understanding how the environment is changing and will change and on developing organizational decisions that are responsive to these changes.

It may include sections as follows:

While the strategic plan will result in a list of initiatives and projects to reach the organization’s goals, it also must define the project prioritization process, evaluation criteria and future planning processes so that plans are adjusted over time in anticipation of and in response to market and competitive changes as well as results from past projects and initiatives.

Apollo can also assist your company in the execution of the strategic plan through project management, product and service pricing optimization, information technology consulting or operational efficiency improvement.

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