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Identify and execute the most effective pricing strategy to drive customer behavior to benefit you the most.

An effective pricing strategy is one of the most powerful tools any company has to increase profitability. Very importantly, it is a business tool completely within your control. You can use pricing to drive customer behaviors into patterns that increase profitability. Specifically, pricing can be used to incentivize or discourage customer choices. Pricing can also help a company get more of their ideal target customers.
"It is not possible to fully realize the profit potential of a company without an optimized pricing strategy." - Bryan Mason
There are many pricing strategies available to drive customer behavior depending on an individual company’s goals:
  • Get more new customers
  • Get customers to spend more with the transaction
  • Drive customer purchasing frequency
  • Get people in with a specific offer but sell some of them something else
  • Drive purchases on specific days
  • Drive purchases at specific times in the day
  • Get customers with specific target income levels
  • Variable pricing based on availability of product
  • Variable pricing based on time between purchase and use
  • Cost plus markup
  • Pricing relative to competition (higher, lower or matching)
  • And many more...

The key is to identify what combination of pricing strategies is right for your company. This depends on each company’s situation and the behaviors that are most profitable for that company.

Apollo utilizes many different quantitative techniques to assist in determining price sensitivity including Regression Analysis (Econometrics), Time Series Cross Sectional Pooled Regression, Conjoint Analysis, Discrete Choice Estimation and Stated Preference Research.

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