Develop a Plan for Organizational Growth

Can’t afford all the talent you need now?

Many companies, especially smaller companies, that are beginning to grow rapidly or are planning to grow rapidly do not have sufficient staffing to support that growth.  They look over their short term and long term needs and cannot reconcile the two.  A particular concern is how to pay for all of the specific kinds of talent they need before they have the sales volume, profitability or cash flow that comes with the anticipated growth.

Apollo can develop a plan for organization growth that supplies the talent needed for each stage of the company’s anticipated growth.  By identifying the skills needed at each growth milestone, Apollo can develop an organizational plan that allows a gradual ramp up of staff, while at the same time makes the best use of each hire.  All this is put together so that roles and responsibilities start out with people having broad roles and grows to more specific, specialized roles as the company grows.

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