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For companies that perform custom services or custom production where each quotation considers a unique circumstance, accurate estimating procedures are critical to profitability.

Estimating procedures need to be designed to capture all anticipated costs correctly before a price to the customer is provided.  The procedures may require a site visit be made, measurements taken, conditions documented and so forth.  Alternatively, designs, plans or drawings may be required to get to the level of detail required before an estimate can be done accurately.  The creation of the actual estimate is best done using an estimating template or software designed for estimating.  This way, all possible components of the work will be visible so that nothing is accidentally left off and simple errors in mathematical computation can be minimized.  Then, one or more experts need to agree on the expected costs.  It is critical to include a review step where different resources can independently validate the estimate.

Apollo can analyze your company’s existing estimating procedure and suggest changes needed to improve accuracy or efficiency.  Apollo can create and implement a complete estimating capability for your company.

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