Develop and Execute a Technology Strategy

How well does your technology meet your needs?

A technology strategy is a document that describes the basic approach to using technology to support a company in meeting its business objectives.  It includes a description of the basic processes, workflows and functions at the company that need to be supported by technology.  It also includes a description of the basic systems that need to be in place to provide this functionality.  It will also include the information flow between these basic systems that is required.  It may also describe the architectural components and infrastructure needed to support the required systems.

The development of a technology strategy is most often a good place to start before commencing any major technology projects.  The strategy will outline all of the work required so that it can be viewed at one time.  This way the business can set priorities and avoid implementing systems that in the long run will not fit in.  After a technology strategy is developed and accepted, technology implementation projects can then be planned and executed.

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