The Role of the “Community Manger” in Social Media – Improving the Customer Experience

The Role of the “Community Manger” in Social Media – Improving the Customer Experience

Most small businesses understand that social media is the great equalizer.  It allows you to engage with and cultivate customers online as effectively as any large company.  Social media is all about relationship building over direct selling.  It demonstrates to customers that they are understood by the company providing a product or service.

The “Community Manager” is the person at your company that listens to and talks with the online community.  They are typically in the Marketing department but their role extends beyond marketing to be the key person who responds to questions and concerns online.  Think of this person as your online brand ambassador and chief customer troubleshooter.

So what should this person be doing?  Key to success is they should be solving customer issues and responding to problems that surface online.  In order to do this, they need to be empowered to actually solve issues for customers, or if they cannot actually solve an issue, they must command the respect and cooperation of others in the company who can.  So it is important that everyone knows what this person does and how important the role is to customer satisfaction.  Everyone should know that they need to respond quickly to a request from the community manager for help with a customer.

In the next post, I will discuss other important activities that the community manager performs.

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