Delays in Launching New Products or Services

Is your company experiencing delays in launching new products or services?

There are many reasons that companies have delays when launching new products or services.  A major one is the inability to correctly identify, prioritize and manage all of the interrelated activities that must be accomplished to bring a new product to market.  Others include the lack of a structured process to bring product ideas for a go/no go decision, poor organizational focus on new product delivery, and technology that requires many changes to support a new product launch.

The impacts of these delays can be very severe as the most profits go to the product and service innovators.  Introducing a product after it has been commoditized can be catastrophic to the bottom line.

Apollo can identify the most important actions needed to speed the launching of new product or services and then help in their execution to achieve results.

These may include helping your company to (click on any for more information):

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