How to Get More Customers Using Unconventional Public Relations

How to Get More Customers Using Unconventional Public Relations

Publicity Stunts

Unconventional public relations are activities you do to gain good press that are not your run of the mill press releases.  Generally, there are two kinds – publicity stunts and customer appreciation events/actions.

Publicity stunts are things you do specifically to gain media attention.  They are designed to be press worthy and to generate some good buzz.  I can tell you as a small business consultant, that when done right, these can be unbelievably effective in generating interest and new customers.  Think about Marylin Monroe’s skirt lifting up from the air rising above a subway great (fan powered for the stunt) for the movie “Seven Year Itch”.  You don’t have to be a business consultant to see how well it worked to sell tickets.  More recently, think about Richard Branson’s “British Airways Can’t Get it Up” blimp stunt.  I think you get the idea.

Customer appreciation events like an outdoor carnival just for customers will typically generate some buzz and make lots of customers love you.  It’s all about generating word of mouth.  It can also be something like sending some kind of thank you premium to special customers.  You can do contests, anything that will make your customers happy and nurture some more brand evangelists.

So try to come up with some ideas that are original, splashy, fun and cheap.  There is no downside to making your customer’s happy.  And consider using unconventional public relations as part of your marketing strategy and your marketing plan.

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