Great Wine Advertising and the Importance of Effective Messaging

Great Wine Advertising and the Importance of Effective Messaging

Effective Messaging

Following last week’s post on messaging and competitive positioning, I came across an advertisement for Chateau Gaby Bordeaux wine.  It was the most effective messaging for wine that I have ever seen. The copy read “Pairs nicely with sharp cheese, red meat and wines ten times the price.”  This advertising made the wine stand out above the crowd.  I am a regular wine drinker and like to drink decent wine and target spending $11-$13 per bottle.  I have had an opportunity to taste some top wines but they just don’t fit my budget with three kids in college.  So the copy that promises a wine far above its price resonated with me to such an extent that I looked them up online.  That is a very strong response.  Most wine advertising focuses on the rating of the wine or about how much fun you will have drinking it with your cool friends.  I discovered this wine was rated 92 which is high.  Since I like red wines from Bordeaux, I am going to try it even though it is priced around $25.  That is effective messaging!  You don’t have to be a marketing consultant to see it.

Bryan B Mason

Apollo Consulting Group, Newport, RI

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