Getting More Customers – Summary of the Journey to Explore Sales Channels

Getting More Customers – Summary of the Journey to Explore Sales Channels

So this is the 22nd and last post in this series on getting more customers that I started in June.

In this journey, I have described almost two dozen sales channels that can be used to get more customers.  I have also tried to point out how to use them and what they are best at doing.  So the first step is to go through and select what you think are the three best ideas (channels).  Devise a cheap, easy and fast way to test to see if this will work for each idea.  You need at least 3 ideas to test because you don’t want to take too long to determine the best channel for you.  If you do one at a time, you greatly increase the time it takes to get to the most effective channel.  As a small business consultant, I can tell you that you want to be able to answer the following three questions for each idea at the end of the tests:

  1. What is the cost to get a single customer using the channel?
  2. How many customers are in this channel?
  3. Are the customers you can get in this channel the kind of customers you want?

Remember, the test itself will not likely get the volume of business you need but you want the test to validate the approach.

The last step is to select the best channel and put most or all of your focus on that channel.

If it does not work out, take the lessons learned from the effort and reevaluate the other 2 ideas you tested.  If these seem better now, do one of these.  If none look good, go back to your long list, pick three more and run more tests, etc.  If you are having trouble with all of this, get some help from a marketing consultant.  Good hunting.

Bryan B Mason

Apollo Consulting Group

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